Cellphone Services Offered


Ottawa Pc Repair Center offers a wide variety of cell phone repair services. Whether you’re looking to have your cracked screen fixed, having a charging issue, to battery issues and more.

Screen replacement

Cracked screen replacements on cell phones are not for the faint of heart. It also, if not done correctly can leave you with an unusable device. We would be happy to help you fix your crack or shattered screen. Hey, we get it happens to the best of us.

Home button not working

Home button not working correctly?

Sound/speaker issues

Are you having issues hearing the person you’re talking to on the phone? Are you not able to hear a video while playing it? We can help with it.

Battery replacement/Charging issues

Battery depleted? Have an older phone and need a battery replacement? Phone not charging correctly?

Stuck on splash screen issues/Update issue?

Your phone stuck in the splash screen? Update phone and now it’s stuck or won’t start? We can help with that too.

Wi-fi repair

Is your wi-fi not working correctly? Is your data doing through the roof and you don’t know why? We are here for you.

We don’t just fix Apple devices we can also fix Android phones also.

If you are having issues not listed here please visit our website, call us at 419-523-3487 and use ext. 3,  or you are always free to send an email to our technician.