Laptop Services Offered

Is your Laptop running Slow, Windows crashing, System overheating if so then Ottawa Pc Repair Center can help! [wpcd_coupon id=2279]

We offer a wide variety of Laptop repair services.

Malware, Virus Removal

We remove Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Ransomware and more. Our scanning process uses several high-end scanning products to ensure EVERY nasty bit of malware and virus is removed. We check all aspects of your PC to ensure that your computer is running as fast and reliable again.

Windows Reinstall W/Data Transfer

We reinstall the Operating System along with doing all windows updates and drivers. Plus data transfer.

Dust Removal

Overheating can damage your internal components. We will test all components to ensure they are fully functional. We strip down your device and clean out all the dust and debris. Replace Thermal Paste to improve heat transfer.Test the Fans to ensure they are spinning freely.Thermal Stress Testing over 8 hours to ensure your laptop stays cool. Complete cleaning inside and outside of the casing of your laptop.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Cracked screen replacements on Laptops are not for the faint of heart. It also, if not done correctly can leave you with an unusable device. We would be happy to help you fix your cracked or shattered screen.

PC Tune-Up W/Malware Removal

1.Laptop Running Slow? We run tests and checks looking for potential problems then fix them.
2. We check your hard disks, processor, memory, motherboard and all internal components for failure.
3. We complete over 60 checks, tests and scans and tweaks to your operating system with a full report.
4. Complete Tune-Up and Service ensures your computer is running fast and reliable again.

Off-Site Data-Backup

We can backup your Pictures, Documents, Music Etc. To an offsite cloud location. And then if the need occurs restore that data onto your PC again.

If you are having issues not listed here please call us at 419-523-3487 and use ext. 1,  or you are always free to send an email to our technician.