Remote Support Service

Support When You Need It!
Remote Support allows our technicians to provide you with fast, professional remote support.

Ottawa PC Repair Center LLC uses the latest technology to allow us to quickly and securely access any computer or laptop device, We then will take control of your system and repair all the issues that have been haunting you for so long.

This service can be used to complete as much as 90% of the issues you have encountered. You can use Ottawa PC Repair Center LLC for diagnosing problems, repairs, doing windows and hardware updates, and so much more.  It is essential to note that for Ottawa PC Repair Center LLC to remote into your device and repair any issues you are having, that your device is connected to the internet and is in good working condition. Please also understand that many issues may still require you to bring that device into the shop for repair.

If you have a question or repair issue with your computer, or laptop device, please call Ottawa PC Repair Center LLC 419-523-3487 Opt 2, so we can assist you with your repair issues.